Diego Kohn

Diego Kohn was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a multifaceted musician: violinist, composer, improviser and teacher.

He began his formal studies in orchestral conducting at the Faculty of Musical Arts of the Catholic University Argentina (UCA) and obtained his degree in composition at the National University of Arts (UNA) in Argentina. In 2014 he moved to Switzerland for further training in aspects of musical improvisation. In 2017 he obtained his MA degree in free improvisation at the music academy of Basel. Currently  he is pursuing his MA in Analysis and teaching of music theory at the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland.

As a violinist he was a member of several some youth symphony orchestras in Buenos Aires. Also he has worked in different tango orchestras like Orquesta Tipica Imperial, Orquesta tipica El Afronte, El Cabure with which he has done international tours in Europe and America.

He has worked in improvisation from different approaches. He is a founding member of the Argentinian Ensemble of Improvisers. He founded the äW quintet, focused on work free musical improvisation with Contact dancers. With the composer Teodoro Cromberg worked in duo in works for electronics with real-time manipulation (Csound & Max / MSP) and electric violin and also founded the improvisation trio Cromberg-Kohn-Mariani, who were presented at major festivals of electroacoustic music in Argentina.
He worked in an interdisciplinary way with visual artists, dance and literature.

As soloist or as guest he participated of concerts in Argentina, Israel, Germany, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Switzerland.

Also has an active work as a teacher. In Buenos Aires he worked in the Department of Performing Arts of the UNA, as assistant to the subjects of counterpoint and Fugue, and giving seminars focused on improvisation and composition. He also founded his own school of music “Ostinato”, besides dedicating to date teaching privately for over 15 years.

He currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland.