Improvisation with large ensambles

Hearing the space – Eine Reise durch Raum und Zeit

Improvisation with conduction

“Conduction: The practice of conveying and interpreting a lexicon of directives to modify or construct sonic arrangement or composition; a structure-content exchange between composer/ conductor /instrumentalist that provides immediate possibilities to alter or initiate harmony, melody, rhythm, tempo, progression, articulation, phrasing or form by manipulating pitch, dynamics, timbre, duration and order in real-time”. Lawrence D. «Butch» Morris

I started with experiences in improvisation with conducts in 1997 under the ideas of Sami Abadi, who takes some inspiration and gestures from Lawrence D. «Butch» Morris.

In the year 2007 and 2008 I was a member of the Ensamble Desarmadero under the leadership of Marcelo Moguilevsky and Marcelo Katz in Buenos AIres. They were also working under the ideas of «Butch» Morris.


In 2009 I participated as performer member at the Chamber Orchester La Tribu, who worked also with the ideas of improvisation with conduction.

In 2012 was the first «Argentinian Meeting for Improvisation and Composition». After this experience me and some other musicians founded the Ensamble Argentino de Improvisadores (Argentinian Assemble of Improvisers).   With them I was working our ideas of Improvisation with conduction.